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Sentient is an impeccable solution for Mobile Game Testing, Verification and Localization in a timely cost effective and secured structure. We deploy the best practices to ensure highest accuracy.

Zero setup cost

Zero Setup Cost

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Get Started in a Week

Get Started in a Week

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State of the Art Labs

Supports all Major Platforms

Supports all Major Platforms

Get Started in a Week

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Requirement Based Requirements are prioritized depending on the risk criteria and accordingly the tests are prioritized

Smoke a non-exhaustive set of tests That aim at ensuring most important functions work. Sanity usually unscripted, helps to identify the dependent missing functionalities. Also used to determine the selection of game is still working after a minor change

Sanity usually unscripted, helps to identify the dependent missing functionalities. Also, used to determine if the section of the Game is still working after a minor change

Regression testing Gameplay for the modification in any module or functionality. Generally done to ensure that the bugs have been fixed and covers changes in requirements or any new feature

Usability we help the design and development teams to identify problems before they are coded. The earlier issues are identified and fixed, the better


we install and test the Game, to see how well it performs on a particular hardware/ software/ operating system and different combinations of these


is a non-functional testing technique which is done to validate, weather the Game meets the App Stores prescribed standards or not


Performance includes ‘Stress’ and ‘Load’ testing, to check whether Game meets performance requirements. We test the limits of a system, such as the number of players on an MMO server, the number of sprites active on the screen, or the number of threads running in a particular program. Load testing requires either a large group of testers or software that emulates heavy activity. Load testing also measures the capability of the Game to function correctly under load/ stress


Multiplayer may involve separate multiplayer QA team if the game has significant multiplayer portions. The testers ensure that all connectivity methods (4G, LAN, WiFi) are working. This allows single player and multiplayer testing to occur in parallel


Localization we check the localized version of a product for that particular culture or locale settings - mostly UI and Content. This also includes Internationalization testing, which is non-functional.


Security to ensure login credentials of Beta build should not work on Live builds. ‘AppStore’ or ‘PlayStore’ items purchased via Beta builds should not be available in Live builds


provides a measure of the Games stability over an extended period of time. We identify issues relating to memory allocation, log file and database resource utilization. Issues are identified in shorter, targeted performance tests


Adhoc one time testing performed without proper planning and documentation, unless any defects are found. Such tests are done only after the completion of formal testing

Risk based

Risk-Based at times it is difficult to test all functionality. In such cases we use Risk based testing to test the functionality, which has the highest impact and probability of failure.

Core Competency and Competitive Advantage

Sentient has wide and intensive AAA mobile testing experience. We have worked on games with 40 million players, which makes us amongst top testing companies. Our core competencies and competitive advantages are:

Sentient is Sensitive, Sincere and Value commitments made

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Lightplay Studios

“As noted below, Air Command 7650 has successfully completed QA testing on the first attempt. Good job to everyone on the Air Command team at SentientGaming”

Airborne Entertainment

“I just wanted to let you know that it is very refreshing to work with such a professional tester as Sentient. Very pleased.”


“Congratulations! Asphalt – LG VX4500 passed QA and has been deemed GOLD. Great job to you and your team for all of the hard work on this project. Please thank your team on behalf of Gameloft. We look forward to building a fruitful relationship between Sentient and Gameloft. Once again, congrats!”


EA Mobile